For Release: 8th July 2015
Fabrics made in Italy and guaranteed by a transparent supply chain
Maeko Tessuti was established in 1998 by Mauro Vismara, passionate about natural fibers, who decided to give up his own job as an osteophatic physician to create his first collection of hemp garments.

Thanks to a fast and stable growth, Maeko is now producing high quality natural fabrics by a controlled supply chain aiming to use more and more preferential origin fibers.

Maeko fabrics and yarns are carefully produced and finished in Italy, in the Turin district, respecting the environment and the working conditions.

Hemp, ramie, Soybean, Crabyon, bamboo, linen, organic cotton, Yak fiber and certified wools are the basis of the natural fabrics produced by Maeko. Used both in the apparel and home furnishing market, such fabrics help to develop a more sustainable and eco-friendly economy.

Each item aims to meet the needs of those companies looking for high quality products which are at the same time eco-friendly and ethical.

At Ethical Fashion Show Berlin 8th – 10th July Maeko presents the new vegetable and mineral natural dyeing.natural_02

The love for all that is natural has pushed Maeko, in cooperation with Colorsystem, to restore some of the ancient dyeing recipes, and, thanks to modern equipment, to obtain beautiful colours with high quality results.

Fabrics are dyed with vegetable and mineral extracts. Natural colours are fixed by using a mordant coming from milk proteins guaranteeing colour fastness to washing, light, rubbing and perspiration.

The whole dyeing process has a low environmental impact by keeping temperature within 30° Centigrade.
In the finishing stage, Aloe Vera based softener gives a nice scent and a soft hand feel.
The perfect match of tradition and modernity guarantees healthy conditions in the dyeing mill, respect of the environment and a safe product for the end user.

Maeko is always looking for ways to improve in the respect of Nature!

Ethical Fashion Show Berlin 8th – 10th July

Hall 1  booth n# 1B27