From 2004, Maeko tessuti & filati naturali had the goal to bring back to life Italian weaving. To do so, it found an historic reality that produces a grate variety of fabrics from several generations. It is a textile fabrics that was born in 1925 and is now part of the cotton fabric section in Piemonte.

This facility has solid looms that work in a slower way that modern machines; therefore this mechanisms are perfect to guarantee the right balance between the knitting times and the yarn tension, allowing an excellent procedure for the production of high quality hemp fabrics.

This is a reality that has always shower hrs respect towards environment and the human work. It also actively contributes to reduce its environmental impact, by using solar panels and modernizing its own structure with more satisfying standards for the actual needs.

Maeko, strong with its vision, is connecting quality to ethics and, thanks to this collaboration, is paying maximum attention to the choice and usage of products and services of excellent for its creations.

Maeko always uses the best realities to weave worthy and unique fibers.