About us

Maeko Tessuti & Filati Naturali is born from Mauro Vismara’s passion for hemp fiber. In 1998 he decided to free his entrepreneurship and, quitting his activity as an osteopath, started making his first steps in the world of the production of natural fabrics.

He started a new and exciting activity that connected his grate interest for the use of natural resources, with the needs of the fashion industry, specifically in the ethical field.

Determined to offer interesting news to a sector that is restless and thirsty for alternatives, he studied, knew and interpreted yarns from a natural origin, in order to create particular and interesting types of waves.

Relentlessly and constantly looking for improvement, he always met the targets to enhance the natural characteristics of  natural fibers. It was always a goal to use modern finishing treatments to give the fibers a soft and seductive touch, without changing their natural character.

Fabrics from natural yarns, created in Italy.


Maeko, in collaboration with Colorsystem, developed a special space dedicated to dyeing production, also useful to spread the use of GOTS certified colouring. This activity has the goal to maintain control over the productive path and to hold on to the directives imposed by the Reach Regulation (control for the safety of using chimical substances).

This way rises a technical dyeing department, in Como province, that allows to provide different services, useful for our own production and to every fashion/design company that might need them.

This deparment is focused on the requests of the companies, as, for example, the Lab Dip, useful instrument to study the sampling, or the tinctures for smaller productions, starting from 5-10 mt.

Maeko works only in Italy and accompanies their product on a transparent path.


In 2014 Mauro, driven by a grate passion, determination, and a bit of craziness, decided to reveal to the world his ambitious idea:  restart the historical sector of textile Hemp production in Italy, and make work again the agricultural/industrial sector for which, the past century, Italy was at the second place after Russia.

It’s pointless to say that the challenge appared to be very ambitious and difficult: create hemp biological yarns from an italian territory it’s not easy at all!

But the ones who shared Maeko’s dream, wishing for it to become a real project, realised grate meetings, exchange of ideas and skills, that reveal an intution that is more and more concrete and near to come to life.

From the amazing cooperation that rised around Maeko, between expert agronomists, farmers and textile technicians, we came to the realisation that we can do it!

Maeko & Partners, united with the shared goal to rewrite a new italian chapter that tells about excellent fabrics coming from Hemp fiber, are working and committing in this incredibile challenge made of courage, strenght and determination!

Maeko is tireless, and is working for you!