In 2013, Maeko tessuti & filati naturali bought a dyeing laboratory in Como district, to create a new branch of its company to increase the textile activity.

Maeko develops trough a new executive unit that can give a broad range of dyeing services to treat crude fabrics, ready to dye fabrics, knitted and shuttle fabrics, yarns, zips, trimmings, laces and already dyed fabrics.

A practical and complete hotbed for samples’ study and development. Open 6 out of 7 days, this laboratory uses latest generation industrial machines, direct dye, reagents, acids and dissipated on any kind of fiber (except for acrylic). Under request, we can also dye one item at a time.

Maeko operates in conformity to REACH (registration, evaluation and authorization of chemicals) regulation, ensuring a correct and safe managing of the chemicals, through severe procedures of registration, evaluation, authorization and restriction.

These standards avoid the usage of heavy metals and substances that are dangerous for the health and the environment, ensuring grate stability performances.


On request of the client, Maeko uses certified colors and recipes according to the GOT standards, which we suggest you to look into at this website:


The continuous research for sustainability, pushed Maeko to revise some old dyeing recipes and to realize them through the help of modern equipment. The goal was to obtain interesting color shades, using low temperatures.

An alternative process that gave life to a low environmental impact dyeing line, able to dye under 30 degrees, where energy and water, used in the processes, are reduced to the minimum.

A singular department where reimagining and optimization of the best dyeing artisans allow to create a grate range of primary colors that, efficiently mixed and stabilized, assure a discreet solidity to washing, sweating, light and friction.

A dyeing system able to combine tradition and modernity, that brings wellness for the environment, people who work there and customers.