Maeko has got a specific dyeing section for sampling development. We can dye any fiber except acrylic.

We mainly work on the Colorsystem Book® consisting of 3.500 movable lab-dips in cotton popeline from which you can get swatches in different sizes: 10×10 cm, A4 up to 2mt.

Colorsystem Book® is useful for those brands producing high quality fashion collections.

Our dyeing mill uses machinery such as Jigger, Flow, Jet. Per each single fiber we use different kinds of dyeing stuff such as direct, reactive, acid and dispersed dyeing stuff.

We can dye raw fabric, ready to dye fabric, knitted and woven fabrics, yarns, zippers, ribbons, tapes, trimmings, laces, previously dyed fabrics and stock fabrics to be renewed and used in new fashion colours.

To meet the request for the finest finishings we use the most important textile machinery such as the Rameuse and Airo.

Delivery date depends on the number of colours and quantity ordered. On average, 5 working days from receipt of payment.

Quick dyings starting from 2mt order.


Since the very first civilization, natural dyes deriving from vegetal or mineral extracts have been the only way to colour fabrics and yarns.

Afterwards, with the introduction of chemical colorants, the long lasting dyeing procedures and the natural extracts have been almost completely disused or forgotten.

The love for all that is natural has pushed Maeko, in cooperation with Colorsystem, to restore some of the ancient dyeing recipes, that, being carried out with modern equipment, allow to obtain subtle or deep peculiarly beautiful colours with high quality results that guarantee their replicability.

The optimized and standardised dyeing processes make it possible to create a range of primary colours that are then mixed and stabilized during the final phase through milk protein-derived substances in order to reach a wide range of colours as well as high resistance to washing, perspiration, light and crocking.

The whole dyeing process is a low environmental impact process, carried out at a maximum temperature of 30°, so that the power consumption is minimized.

In the finishing phase, after dyeing, some aloe vera based softeners are used in order to make the treated product fragrant and light.

The perfect match of tradition and modernity guarantees health and wellbeing for the people working in the process, for the environment and, last but not least, for the final users.

Maeko is always in search for improvement in harmony with nature.